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Complete Season Three on DVD & BLU-RAY
Season 1-3 On DVD & Blu-Ray
Release: Monday 27th August 2018

"A sweltering thrill ride you'll want to stay with all the way until the end." - Daily Telegraph

"Thrilling triumph." - Metro

"Exciting." - ScreenRant

Arrow TV is thrilled to announce the DVD & Blu-ray release of the third Season of the Netflix hit crime drama Narcos on Monday 27th August 2018 starring Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones. Kingsman: The Golden Circle) as Javier Peña, Damián Alcázar (The Thin Yellow Line, The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian) as Orejuela and Alberto Ammann (Mars) as Pacho Herrera. On the same day Arrow TV will also release the Narcos Season 1-3 DVD & Blu-ray Box Set.

After the death of Escobar, the Cali Cartel’s business is booming and expanding its business to the US. While inviting new dangerous partner – the Mexican North Valley cartel – and becoming the largest drug trafficking group in the world, Orejuela, to everybody’s surprise, designs an exit strategy from the cocaine business and focusses on legitimate business.

Meanwhile DEA agent Javier Peña continues the fight against the cartel leaders trying to gain the trust of Jorge Salcedo, the Rodriguez brothers’ head of security, to use him as an informant. Salcedo (Matias Varela, Assassin’s Creed, Arne Dahl) risks his life to reveal the inner workings of the Cali Cartel. With the help of Salcedo, Peña finally gets close to the formerly untouchable Godfathers of Cali revealing their true reach and power, which is even surpassing Peña’s wildest imaginations.

Narcos Season 3 tells the story of the DEA’s hunt for the remaining Cali Cartel leaders after Escobar’s death in 1993. As the plot thickens the, hunt is headed towards a big showdown.

Narcos Season 3 and Season 1 - 3 - Product Information
Release Date
Monday 27th August 2018
English / Spanish (English subtitles)
DVD & Blu-ray
Episodes no.
10 (Season 3) / 30 (Season 1-3 Box Set)
Running Time
Approx. 490 mins (Season 3) / Approx. 1,470 mins (Season 1-3 Box Set)
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